Father demands answers from police after his daughter was badly injured from being hit by a car

Posted at 11:42 PM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-03 00:42:41-05

A Waco father is demanding answers from the Waco Police Department after his teenager was left badly hurt when a car hit her and fled.

Amanda Merritt, 16, was found lying in the street early Thursday morning near 26th and Webster.

Now, her father Kenneth Merritt wants to know why the driver that hit her isn't facing charges.

“Three places of her skull are cracked, she’s bleeding on the inside, and she’s got a broken bone on the bottom part of her elbow,” Merritt said.

That was just a few of the many serious injuries Amanda Merritt suffered from this accident, in addition to broken bones in both of her legs.

The teen was found by several people, one man pulled out his cell phone and started recording video. They also claimed the driver was nowhere in sight.

“We all stopped and just came to her aide, there was a guy there that was praying over her at the time,” witness Roberto Perez said.  

The Waco Police reported that the teen suffered minor injuries, but those injuries were much more serious than the initial report suggested.

People who witnessed the aftermath of the accident say this should encourage everyone to be more aware while on the road.

The Waco police also issued a statement that said they believe the driver of the vehicle was not at fault in the crash and no charges will be filed against them.

Merritt still thinks that person still deserves some sort of punishment. 

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