Fort Hood shooter's notes for sale online

Posted at 11:00 PM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-11 17:26:50-05

Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan's handwritten notes are being sold online to the tune of $13,000.

Hasan is currently on death row for killing 13 and wounding 32 in December 2009 at Fort Hood.

In an interview with KTRK, survivor Dayna Ferguson, laments the idea of the sale.

"I would hope no one would spend money it," Ferguson said. 

However, there is a thriving online industry called "murderabilia."

Murderablia, are mementos, notes from notorious criminals and crime scenes. The notes are for sale on a website called True Crime Auction House.

Along with the notes, pictures of Charles Manson and pieces of the Branch Davidian compound are up for sale. 

City of Houston Victims advocate Andy Kahan has been working in criminal justice for 30 years.

In the late 90’s he began his fighting the sale of the items. Kahan describes the feeling victims have when they find out these items are being sold as nauseating.

"No one should be able to rob rape and murder then turn around and make a buck off,” Kahan said

While Texas is just one of a few states that prevents the sale of these criminals items for money it is not enforced at the federal level yet.

"The only real true way we are going to make a dent in the despicable industry is through federal legislation because most places are shipped out through states and it's impossible to enforce Texas law when a dealer in Washington and Florida is selling items it needs federal legislation," Kahan said.

He is hoping to partner with legislators to introduce a bill nationally preventing the violent criminals from mailing items meant for sale.

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