Texans talk about holiday driving on I-35

Posted at 9:04 PM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 23:02:25-05

Thousands of people will be packing their bags and heading back home this weekend after Thanksgiving. But some families in Texas decided to get a head start on their drive back Friday. 

Wednesday was the busiest day for people traveling on the roads, but some families weren't happy about their experience while driving back home.

"If there wasn't a shoulder earlier, then I would have rear ended somebody, especially through Temple it was really really slow go," Amanda Mckinnis said.

Mckinnis said her and her family were on their way to San Antonio, but riding through Temple was the worst part because of the construction.

 "I would really love to see them open up those new lanes just because it would help ease the congestion," Mckinnis said.  

Mckinnis believes traveling northbound on Thanksgiving day was a lot smoother than her drive back on Friday because the roads seemed more dangerous.

"I've driven through there at night and with it raining and its very scary," Mckinnis said.

There were multiple accidents in the area according to TxDOT and Mckinnis believes the construction was to blame.

"If there was some way we could have a little more room that would be great," Mckinnis said.

TxDOT has put main lane construction closures on hold until Sunday night to help with traffic and prevent accidents.

Officials said Saturday and Sunday will be a lot busier on the roads and the peak hours for people traveling home will be from 12:00 noon through 12:00 midnight on Sunday.

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