Seized Hillsboro animals find new owners

Posted at 11:05 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 10:12:11-05

Almost a week after Hill County Sheriffs seized 60 animals from a Hillsboro property, it was decided that the animals will stay with the Humane Society of North Texas. 

The Hill County courtroom was packed for the day's proceedings. Jill Jenkins a volunteer was there to testify if necessary on the horses behalf.

"I'm thrilled with the decision we were at the humane society volunteering and taking care of the horses and saw the condition they were in," Jenkins said.

Last Tuesday, 48 horses, five donkeys, six dogs and one rabbit were seized from Caren Brown. The Humane Society of North Texas had received a tip that animals on the property were malnourished and sick.

When volunteers arrived to help with the seizure the conditions they describe were horrific.

Sandy Shelby, executive director at Humane Society of North Texas, said they found almost 20 dead animals and living animals in poor shape. 

"No animal should have to look like they [looked] they were emaciated and thin most of them had some kind of hoof, foot or leg injury one had gashes in his mouth I mean it was really disgusting," Shelby said. 

After the seizure, 10 days are given to determine whether or not the animals are returned to the owner.

An agreement was made that the animals would be surrendered. In turn, Brown would not have to pay the $35,000 worth of room and board costs that have been incurred since the animals were taken in by the humane society. 

In the wake of the agreement, some relief.

"We are thankful that we won custody of the animals they'll now get the care and the good life deserve they didn't deserve a place where this would happen to them," Shelby said.

The humane society expects the road to recovery to be long. They have veterinarians working with the animals. Volunteers like Jenkins have continued to help caring for the animals. She's optimistic about their prospects. 

"The horses are gaining weight already and I think they will flourish at the humane society so I'm thrilled and I don't think this woman should ever own horses again," Jenkins said.

County Attorney David Holmes, said criminal charges have not been filed yet, but animal abuse charges could be filed at the end of the investigation. 

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