Seized animals from rescue on the road to recovery

Posted at 10:37 PM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:30:32-04

Animals seized from a rehabilitation and rescue facility in Hill County on Tuesday are continuing to recover. 

The Humane Society of North Texas is currently taking care of 47 horses and seven donkeys. Five of the horses with severe injuries were being kept at the equine hospital on Wednesday.

"What's sad about it is that this particular place and the last two seizure calls we went on were alleged rescue groups so my advice is check where your animals are going if you can no longer keep them," Humane Society of North Texas Executive Director, Sandy Shelby said.

Hill County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Rick White said investigators believe the animals at Thunderfoot Rehab and Rescue were not properly cared for.

"Not all the horses could get to water. Several of them were in stalls or pens. We didn't see any hay nor any feed on the property when we were there," White said. "Several of the animals had visible wounds," he added.  

On Wednesday two veterinarians were treating the wounds of the animals at another rescue facility in North Texas. Animals have access to hay and drinking water at that facility.

"20 dead horses were on that property as well as all the live ones we took. This did not happen overnight. All of these horses, these number of them couldn't have possibly come at the same time in that condition and stayed in that condition for two months," Shelby said.

The owner of Thunderfoot Rehab and Rescue said she received many of the horses from racetracks after being injured. She mentioned they never went without food. In addition, she said her family and friends have helped to feed them in the past month after she injured her back.

On Monday, a Justice of the Peace will determine who will keep custody of the horses and whether the owner will face any charges.

"Hopefully we are awarded custody of them so we can begin that process of getting them well and getting them the right home they deserve," Shelby said.

If you would like to help the Humane Society of North Texas care for these animals, click here and select equine program.

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