Rosebud community hosts vigil for baby Emily's murder

Posted: 10:38 PM, Nov 10, 2016
Updated: 2016-11-11 04:56:37Z
Rosebud community hosts vigil for baby Emily's murder

On Thursday members of the Falls County community gathered to remember a five-month-old baby who was murdered by her own mother, according to police.

The funeral for baby Emily was on Sunday, but Thursday evening the Rosebud community hosted a vigil to remember her life.

Multiple neighbors shared the emotions they felt when they heard about the baby being murdered.

"Heart break, I was crying and you know. It was Halloween night and it was just really tough," Destiny Lambert said.  

That was the reaction from one close neighbor after she heard the horrific news. Another neighbor describes clinging to hope for a short time before getting official word that baby Emily had died.

“It was hard, it was hard, it was real hard having to bear something like this knowing the child was very young and very innocent,” Billy Lambert said. 

Another focus of the vigil was mental illness awareness. Neighbors mentioned they believe there were warning signs they may have missed.

Rosebud officials were shocked to hear this tragedy happen in their community, so they encouraged people to get to know their neighbors and hopefully this will help prevent things like this from happening in the future.

“Rosebud is a good city a good town the more we can get to know each other and the more that we can be good neighbors learn to love each other, as Christ said. It won’t solve all the mental health issues but I think it will help, I think it will help," Larry Boone said.

Baby Emily's mother, Dingo Zeluff, is bring charged with capital murder in her death.

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