Democrats, Republicans offer ride to the polls Election Day

Posted at 11:12 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-08 14:25:04-05

Tuesday is election day and for some getting to the polls for some is a problem. 

Everett Wyllie of Waco has a special message the night before the election, "Get out and vote, if you need a ride, call me!" Wylie laughed. 

And Wyllie means it. Tuesday he is one of many volunteers who has signed up to drive people who may need some help getting to the polls. "I've seen a lot of people where they get in distress with their vehicle trying basically trying to get to the store. So on a critical  day like tomorrow, I'll volunteer my time just in case." Wyllie worries anything can happen. A car might not start, a tire might go flat, and if that happens he wants to help out. 

Hours before the big day McLennan County Republicans are stepping up outreach. County Chairman Jon Ker said volunteers are phone banking and canvassing to make sure people get to the polls. 

"We have made face to face conversation we have went doOr to door to talk to folks abut the importance of the election and the consequences of the election and to get out and vote," Ker said.

McLennan County Democrats are calling registered voters who haven't cast a ballot. County chairwoman Mary Duty wants to make sure everyone who wants to vote, can.

"If you need a ride to vote because you're elderly and don't drive anymore we will come get you and take you to vote. If you can't get out of the car we'll have them come out with the machine so you can vote curbside," Duty said.

Duty said volunteers will take care of anyone who is registered to vote, that disability or access shouldn't stop them from exercising their right.

"Poverty does not allow you the freedom to run out DPS and get that ID or jump in the car and go vote. The elderly often times don't have it but between the elderly issue and the poverty issue you've got a double whammy on a community that wants to vote but can't," Duty said.

Both the Democratic and Republican offices say if you need a ride, just give their offices a call. 

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