Baylor University launches new website, at odds with CBS News

Posted at 4:07 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2018-06-19 15:00:55-04

Baylor University is responding again to the sexual assault scandal at the school in Waco. This time with a new website called The Truth.

The school launched the website to be “more transparent wherever possible.” It seems, though, there might be another motive - a CBS 60 Minutes Sports segment that aired Tuesday.

When you visit the website, Reply to '60 Minutes Sports', comes up at the top. The school said on the website that CBS aired a story on the scandal that left out key interviews and crucial facts. The website features those interviews and facts.

That's how we get to two letters between CBS and Baylor posted on the school's website. When CBS came to do a story at Baylor, the school did its own recording of the interviews.

In a letter to Baylor, CBS claimed Baylor recorded them without their knowledge, and therefore cannot use them on any platform. In Baylor’s response letter to CBS, it said CBS did know the school was taping the interviews and since the crew were on campus, the footage is not solely the property of CBS.

Baylor’s response to the 60 Minutes Sports report is only a portion of the information Baylor provides on the website. There are facts about the sexual assaults, figures on the Title IX budget, and a letter from the interim president David Garland.

Garland wrote about the sexual assault scandal saying, "Both the Administration and the Board of Regents are taking this step because we came to understand that, in order to heal, the Baylor family needs more information about what happened and why."

Garland said since 2011, 17 people have come forward claiming sexual assault or domestic violence by 19 football players.

The scandal cost university President Kenneth Starr, coach Art Briles and Athletic Director Ian McCaw their jobs.

News Channel 25 reached out to both Baylor and CBS for their take but we have not heard back.

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