Vandals target political signs at Central Texas Homes

Posted at 10:54 PM, Oct 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 10:46:55-04

Hillary Clinton campaign signs were defaced in one Waco home's yard - liar and Benghazi in spray paint on the sidewalk.

Jon Ker chair of the McLennan County Republican party condemned the vandalism.

"Somebody who is wanting to rip up a sign or deface a sign they need to understand everybody has the right to express their opinions and to take that sign and deface that sign is not only criminal in my mind it's stupid,” Ker said.

Ker said it's a criminal and stupid act that happens to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters.

"We've had several people come in to the Republican headquarters and ask for replacement signs, mostly the yard signs,” he said.

Despite the vandalism and thefts, Kerr said supporters ask for more.

"I do think it's an important for our society to recognize each other rights in expressing our opinions,” Ker said.

NAACP Leader Dr. Peaches Henry worries those opinions will turn into more incidents.

“We've had several incidents right now up to four where signs have been defaced in people's yard, and their mailboxes have been knocked down,” Dr. Henry said.

Incidents that Dr. Henry classifies as intimidation.

"There is a long history of voter intimidation and voter suppression and defacing signs and taking signs down and hiding them is very close to voter intimidation," Dr. Henry said.  

Instead of letting the vandals and thieves intimate you, Dr. Henry encourages you to take that as a sign that they're intimidated by you.

"If you're vote is not important, why are so many people trying to take it away?" Dr. Henry asked.

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