Some Texas teachers could see a job shortage next year

Posted at 10:05 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-20 10:47:27-04

A proposed series of tests required for teachers in Texas could cause a teacher shortage for some districts.

But, Texas Education Agency officials said not all teachers have to worry about this change.

Teachers who have a traditional teaching certificate are not at risk. However, those who have an alternative certificate could be affected by this change.

Last year, 34 percent of teachers employed in Texas were certified through a traditional method compared to 53 percent who were certified an alternative way.  Now, Director of Education Preparation Dr. Tim Miller said the state board of education could be changing the way alternative teachers receive their certificates.

"People who want to be teachers, before they could become a teacher of record underneath a interim certificate they need to pass the content examinations," Miller said.

The alternative candidates could also be required to complete a series of tests including the pedagogy exam, which tests the basic understanding of teaching and the responsibilities of working in a public school system.

Temple ISD's Director of Personnel David Mccauley said when it comes to the district's current teachers, the new certification process shouldn't make much of an impact.

"At this point it wont we're only about seven teachers right now currently so that's about less than 2 percent of our teaching staff," Mccauley said.

In addition, a Killeen ISD spokesperson said that district has more than 200 alternative teachers, some of whom will need to take those tests.

But first the state board of educators must approve of them at the board's next meeting in November.

If that happens, the changes will go in effect in September of 2017.

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