Week dedicated to teen driving safety

Posted at 11:11 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-18 15:54:29-04

With accidents being the leading cause of death for teenagers according to AAA, several organizations have declared this week National Teen Driver Safety Week.

Central Texas driving schools are doing their part to increase the safety of teens behind the wheel by putting an emphasis on distracted driving. "We want to make sure they're safe,” Tonya Dansby, director and owner of Central Texas Driving School in Waco, said. “Safety is the key. So we want to teach them how not to be distracted drivers."

AAA ranked the types of distractions leading up to a crash by a teen by frequency. Fifteen percent of teen distracted driving wrecks are caused by the driver interacting with one or more passengers. Twelve percent are caused by cell phone use. Number three on the list is the driver looking at something inside the vehicle. Number four is the driver looking at something outside the vehicle. Singing or moving to music comes in at number five on the list. There’s a two-way tie for sixth place between grooming and the driver reaching for an object in the car.

The message seems to be reaching some driving school students. When asked about ignoring distractions while driving once he earns his license, 16-year-old Michael Nealy said, “I think I’d like to treat it as a great responsibility.”

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