Popular Central Texas attraction plans to expand in 2017

Posted at 9:15 PM, Oct 13, 2016
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:38:08-05

A popular Central Texas attraction is about to get bigger.

Soon, surfers will be able to bring their surfboards to Barefoot Ski Ranch, better known as BSR.

The area of used to be two separate lakes but by next summer, it is expected to become one lake – with a beach. The man-made wave pool is hoping to be opened by next summer.

“We’re building something that people are gonna show up and they’re gonna have a good time,” said owner Stuart Parson. “What we’re building is a surf lake.”

A place for surfers to catch waves right here in Central Texas.

“We’re digging right now,” Parson said. “The surf chambers that have to be built will probably take about three months.”

Parson said that it’s going to take teamwork to get the project done in the next three months.

“Everybody’s dedicated, they’re as excited as we are.”

Parson will complete the project with the help of construction company owner Joey Jaska, who has worked on all of the projects at BSR.

“It’s fun to work out here and fun to do things that other people can enjoy,” Jaska said.

Parson hopes that people will be able to catch some waves sooner rather than later.

“Our plan right now is April 3,” said Parson. “When you see it, you’re not gonna see anything else like it in the world unless you go to maybe Waikiki.”

The waves in the wave pool can reach anywhere from 1 – 10 feet.

BSR will be able to have 240 to 1080 surfers per hour.

Parson believes the project will cost anywhere between $5-6 million dollars to complete.

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