One local woman has worked the Heart O' Texas Fair for more than 50 years

Posted: 10:38 PM, Oct 11, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-12 00:05:40-04
One local woman has worked the Heart O' Texas Fair for more than 50 years

The Heart O' Texas Fair in Waco is a tradition that has been going on for 64 years, and one woman said she's been working there almost the entire time.

Pearl Garza said it’s been 56 years since she stared working at the fair and at 90 years old, she doesn't plan to stop working.

While selling tickets for the Heart O’ Texas Fair, Miss Pearl Garza admits the fair isn't her favorite part of the event, because she does not like the rides. After more than five decades of working at the fair, Miss Pearl said most of her memories were about the food.

"You've got to try a foot-long hot dog and a funnel cake”, said Miss Pearl.

Marketing Director Charva Ingram said everyone who works for the fair looks forward to seeing Miss Pearl each year.

"She has a lot of good history and a lot of good stories to share. It's really unique that we have someone who has so much history that they can share with us for one venue one place", said Ingram.

Loved by many, Miss Pearl said she started off as a switchboard operator and then transferred to ticket sales.

Miss Pearl still looks forward to what the next fair will bring.

"They ask me when I'm going to retire and I said I'm not retiring", said Miss Pearl. "I am 90 years old, whenever they quit calling me to come to work, that’s when I will stay at home.”

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