Man who caught disturbing video on camera speaks out

Posted at 12:31 AM, Oct 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-02 01:41:00-04

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office announced they will take over the investigation of a graphic video circulating social media.

The video caught a Snapchat one of the teenagers posted of the group desecrating the remains of a dead dog. 

The teens shoot the dog, place firecrackers in its orifices before lighting the dog on fire.

The video was posted and shared on Facebook after, Tyler Hyde shared it with a friend.

“With everything going on in the world today if I can do my part--If I have to take to social media however it happens at least I’m doing what I can,” Hyde said.

According to Hyde, he saw the video one evening while hanging out with a friend. Hyde, who owns several dogs, said he was upset after seeing the Snapchat.

“To think that they could do that to an animal after the love and companionship that animal has given someone else and you just disrespect it it's just awful,” he said.

Hyde reached out to the poster of the Snapchat and the two chatted over the phone.

“He called me from a private number but told me nothing would happen to him. It was just a dead dog anyways.”

According to Hyde, the person he spoke to came off unremorseful. 

“I had all these questions I wanted answered as well but he wouldn't answer them,” Hyde said. “The last thing I told him is you'll be hearing from me again.”

At the end of the exchange, Hyde said he was still upset. He showed a co-worker the video and the two decided social media would be their next step.

"She was like 'If he thinks it's okay to put this on a Snapchat let's show the world the type of person you really are.'"

Hyde says the response overnight shocked them as the video was shared thousands of times.

"We figured let's outreach to the public, let’s find who he is because I didn't personally know him. I figured let's reach out to the community and do what we can,” he said.

Hyde discourages vigilante justice prior to releasing the video on social media, he and a friend handed the video over to police.

"If you are trying to stop someone from hurting an animal don't go back and do what he did two wrongs don't make a right."

He says ultimately he just wanted to bring some peace to the owner.  

“It went beyond what we could imagine the love and support we had someone reach out and find out that this was their dog. Now so it's a big deal. Maybe it's helping him grieve and he can get a little bit of closure,” Hyde said.

Since the videos release, the owner of the dog has been identified. A GoFundMe account can be found here.

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