Hispanic Heritage month in Killeen raises topics of race in the campaign trail

Posted at 10:47 PM, Sep 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-01 13:12:53-04

The Killeen community celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month Friday evening. With a campaign season filled with racial issues, community members had a lot to say.

People were eager to let their voices be heard considering voting season is almost one month away and many people said they had mixed emotions on who they feel best represents them.

Tony Nabarro is one person who said he’s proud to be a Puerto Rican while celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, and he’s ready to vote. While other people said they're still undecided on which candidate respects their heritage the most.

“My decision right now is up in the air but let the best person win”, said Benito Martinez.

After watching the first debate, which was viewed by an estimated 84 million people and broke records as the most watched debate in history, Gisel Diaz said she's made her decision. 

“I think Hillary because of the way that Trump says things about the Latin communities," said Gisel Diaz.

Donald Trump has publicly said things like “Let’s build a wall on the Mexican border to keep those people out of our country” which some perceived as highly offensive to the Latin culture.

Diaz along with many others just wants their next president to respect their heritage.

According to the Census Bureau, Hispanics make up 17% of the nation’s population and for those celebrating Hispanic heritage in Central Texas, most want their voice to be heard, and to see a candidate who can respect all nationalities the same.

“It's always really refreshing to see people actually taking an interest in the culture”, said Erika Garcia.

Hispanics represent the largest minority population in the United States, so the candidate that gets the majority of those votes has a good shot at winning the White House.

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