TXDOT talks about the future of I-35 in Temple

Posted at 10:37 AM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 11:37:44-04

On Tuesday, the city of Temple and TxDot held a community action forum meeting to discuss the current progress and future of the Interstate-35 roadway project.

Dozens of residents in the community had questions and concern about the road projects on I-35. Some community members asked more personal questions, like when their residential streets will be back open after being closed for multiple years.

Shirley Hatley has lived in Temple for 18 years, and she said her street has been blocked off for more than two years.

"I would love to see that open pretty soon because I'm 81 years old, and I want to be alive when it's open," Hatley said.

She said she often watches 18 wheeler trucks and buses come to pick up the handicap children on her block, and they have to turn around. She said this is highly inconvenient.

The purpose of this action forum meeting was for residents to have a better understanding of the upcoming project.

"TxDot wants to show the community and the travelers and the business owners that they do care, and getting updated information allows individuals and businesses to plan appropriate for the near future" John Habermann, I-35 mobility coordinator, said.

Habermann said moving forward in the upcoming weeks, people in the Temple community can expect to see a few road changes.

Some of those changes include a new entrance ramp south of loop 363 northbound and opening exit 300 northbound and 57th street.

Habermann said the entire project is tentatively set to be completed in spring of 2019. However, before completion, there are additional portions of the projects to be added along the way.

The city and TxDot will host a meeting in November with Temple ISD and surrounding businesses to inform them of the Nujent bridge being built. This will cause a change in school bus routes.

Habermann said although construction can be wearing, TxDot values the communities input, patience and support.

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