Thousands of Wacoans get mysterious book in the mail

Posted at 7:48 PM, Sep 26, 2016

A United States Postal Service spokesperson said more than 70 thousand people in Waco received a copy of a book they did not order.

The book, The Great Controversy: Past, Present, Future How Will it End, was written by Ellen G. White in 1911. It is currently published by Remnant Publications and has found its way to many people's doorsteps all over Waco. 

Remnant Publications' website said that the company hopes to send ten million copies of the book across the country. The publisher's site also stated that the distribution is made possible by donations. 

Kira McKinney is one of the thousands of people who received the book in Waco. "I had no idea what it was, or what it was about, or who stuck it in my mailbox," she said. 

McKinney said getting The Great Controversy came as a complete surprise, "It was kind of like this mystery just stuck in my mailbox." 

The C.E.O of Remnant, Dwight Hall said the company does not have any control over where the book is sent.

"These places aren't really chosen by us at Remnant," Hall said. "It's the people that say hey, I really would like to be a part of getting this book out."

Hall said that people usually recommend a city to the company, and then donors can choose if the book goes to that city. "Cities get chosen by people writing or calling us here at Remnant Publications," he said. 

McKinney said that although she has chosen not to throw the book in the trash, she is still unsure whether or not she will actually read it. "I'm not saying that I won't I'm not saying that I will I haven't quite decided yet."

The book has not made its way to any other central Texas cities yet, but Hall said it is possible that The Controversy could be distributed in other parts of the area. 

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