National buckle up day helps parents ensure kids safety

Posted at 5:08 PM, Sep 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-24 22:43:59-04

Saturday was National Buckle-Up Day, and McLane Children's Hospital celebrated by hosting their annual buckle-up event for children.

This free event was open to all Central Texas residents, and parents who participated said they left with a lot more information about their child's safety than they anticipated.

"This being the third or fourth check that I've done and I learn something new every time so", said Amber Beimer.

Beimer is one mom who said she looks forward to this event annually so she can make sure her son stays strapped in his car seat correctly.

This event was hosted by McLane Children's Hospital with help from Don Ringler Chevrolet, to make sure parents are installing car seats the right way.

They expect to help around 75 parents per event but statistics show that 73 percent of those vehicles they examine have their kids car seats installed incorrectly.

Trauma Coordinator from McLane Children's Hospital Kayla Cehand said they experts on site gave hands-on training to help parents with  proper instillation.

"Some cases we can replace the care seat depending what the history is on the car seat we have a few car seats available today.
No matter what, they're going to leave here with a car seat that's installed correctly that fits their child safely" said Cehand.

By providing these check experts help decrease the rate of deaths by 71%.

Also, while teaching parents how to properly secure their child's safety they also checked to make sure there weren't any recalls on the car seats.

"We just want to make sure that whenever they're leaving here their leaving here with a car seat that's not only safe for today but will grow with them the longest", said Cehand.

Parents who missed today's event are encouraged to call McLane Children's Hospital Injury Prevention at 254-724-8202 to set up an appointment and make sure their child is riding safely.

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