Billboard calling for owners not to chain dogs drawing attention

Posted at 10:30 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:30:26-04

A billboard near Interstate 35 south that states dogs should not be chained is catching the attention of dog owners in Waco.

The billboard on South 13th and Jack Kultgen Expressway states “chains are for trucks, not pups” with the picture of a chained dog next to it.

Dog owner Rachel Mann, who has seen the billboard, said it was unexpected to see it.

"I definitely thought it was surprising in a market like Waco that's now picking up a bunch having to remind people you can't chain your dogs for hours and hours in 100-degree weather,” Mann said.

Mann said she has never chained her rescue dog in the two years she has had it. According to Mann, the dog park allows him to roam free and interact with other animals.

In the city of Waco, an owner can tether a dog, but it can’t be left unattended or be without access to food, water, or shelter. The tether, which must be at least 10 feet long, must be attached to a harness or collar made of leather or nylon and not directly to the animal’s neck.

Niki Taylor said she attaches a 100-feet-long lead to her dog’s collar for it to be in her front yard, which doesn’t have a fence. She said the purpose of tying him up is allowing the dog to see the neighborhood, which he can’t do in the backyard without leaving her property.

However, Taylor said she would not chain her dog like the picture on the billboard shows it.

“If you’re going to chain your dog, I would do it for a limited amount of time. I don’t understand the point of you getting a dog and chaining it up and forgetting about it,” Taylor said.

She hopes the billboard sparks change. “I hope it starts speaking to people who chain their animals for a long period of time,” Taylor said.

Mann said the billboard may not be enough to change their behavior.

"Anyone who is already chaining their animal, it may take more than just a simple billboard with a catch phrase. People need to speak out more about that instead of looking at a picture,” Mann said.

The billboard states that it has been sponsored by Animal Advocates of McLennan County. However, there was not a listing of a group under that name.

News Channel 25 reached out to the company who owns the billboard to find out who paid for it and the reason behind it. However, as of Tuesday night, it had not heard from a representative with the answer to the inquiry. 

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