Fort Hood will receive $61.5 million to upgrade barracks

Posted at 4:31 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 17:52:36-04

On Tuesday, U.S. Representatives John Carter and Roger Williams announced Fort Hood will receive $61.5 million to sustain, upgrade and modernize barracks.

The two sent letters to army leadership and held many meetings to help solve the water damage and structural faults that many of the current buildings have at "The Great Place".

“This has been a hard fought battle, but I am proud to announce Ft. Hood will be receiving this critical funding,” Rep. Carter said.  “It is absolutely imperative to have high quality housing on Ft. Hood for our junior enlisted soldiers; this is a basic principle of readiness in the US Army. Ft. Hood soldiers are deployed to nearly every continent of the world serving our country and defending our freedoms. They deserve the best living conditions that we can offer them. I am happy that our office played a role to get this money for Ft. Hood and will continue to fight to make sure that Ft. Hood has all the resources it needs to maintain its role as one of the premier military installations in the world.”

Rep. Williams also said, “Our soldiers at the Great Place deserve the best resources we can offer so they can adequately prepare to carry out their missions at home and abroad. I am pleased with this announcement, and I will continue to fight for our brave men and women who so honorably answer the call to defend freedom and liberty.”

 Officials have not announced when the upgrades will begin.

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