Killeen Heights Vet Center spreading importance of counseling

Posted at 8:43 AM, Sep 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-16 11:05:58-04

The Killeen Heights Veteran Center will promote the importance of seeking professional help with a Mobile Vet Center at the air show in Waco this weekend.

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and although raising awareness is important for everyone, Charles Edens with Killeen Heights Vet Center office wants to emphasize that veterans should seek help as soon as they need it.

Edens also said that it might be easier for family members to identify when veterans themselves need to visit a counselor. Either way, urgency in seeking help if a veteran has anything from anxiety to PTSD is important.

"We try to get them in because if those conditions go untreated, at some point in time, especially as a person ages then they retire and they're not keeping their mind busy about a lot of different things then those issues could be harder to treat at a later point in time," Edens emphasized.

He also says that eliminating the stigma of needing counseling from a professional is another crucial step in getting aid to veterans. 

To help Edens and his team get the message out, they will have the Mobile Vet Center at the air show in Waco this weekend with counselors on staff should veterans need them.

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