Central Texas School confirms Meningitis case

Posted at 9:32 PM, Sep 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-07 11:03:36-04

Students are back in school Tuesday after school officials confirm a case of Viral Meningitis at a Central Texas school.

Hico Independent School District told parents via telephone and social media that a student tested positive for the viral infection Sunday morning. It is not clear whether the student who attends Hico Elementary came in contact with other students.

Hico Superintendent, John Hartgraves said the district is taking all the necessary precautions to prevent an outbreak. Hartgraves said administration took swift and deliberate action when they were told about the infection.

"We don't know if they had it here or not but we acted as if they did by sending that letter out. Then our custodial staff came in Sunday about noon and disinfected the entire school. The playground, the commons area, the classrooms, everything so we acted as if it was at school," Hartgraves said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, viral meningitis is a more mild form of the bacterial based disease which can cause serious swelling around the brain and spinal cord.

Hico administration is telling parents to stay alert and monitor whether their child displays symptoms of viral meningitis.

Symptoms include; fever, irritability, poor eating, sleepiness and general lethargy. If kids show these signs parents are encouraged to take them to a family physician.

Superintendent Hartgraves also said it's a great time to reinforce some of the healthy behaviors students can practice. Encourage kids to constantly wash their hands and not to share drinks.

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