Annual Labor Day Sorghum Festival in Waco

Posted at 12:42 PM, Sep 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-05 14:24:41-04

The 22nd annual Labor Day Sorghum Festival in Waco attracted many from neighboring towns.

One of the many things that were cooking at Homestead Craft Village is sorghum syrup.

The syrup is made by pressing raw sorghum cane with a mule-powered mill. The sap is then cooked into the golden brown sorghum syrup. People who attended got a chance to taste samples of sorghum syrup on freshly-baked cornbread made from stone ground cornmeal.

Joseph Tindell has been around the production of sorghum syrup since he was a child and briefly describes the process.

"We got a sorghum mill here," Tindell said. "It's pressing the canes from the field. We bring them up from about a 14-foot cane. It goes through the mill, crushes it, squeezes out the grain and sap. And then from there it flows gravity feed down to the evaporator. It's about a 14 foot evaporator pan. That then goes through there and boils off the water."

The free festival also included music, hayrides and handcrafts.

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