Waco man takes stand in infant death

Posted at 10:19 PM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 23:24:03-04

Thursday the Defense began their argument in the trial of a Waco man accused of severely injuring an eight-month-old resulting in his death.

In the third day of testimony, the defendant, Bronache Kirven took the stand in his own defense.

On the stand, Kirven described his life as a stay-at-home dad to two young children. The defendant envisioned a life as a father and one day a husband to the mother of his two children.

Sobbing, Kirven told the court baby Aydrian was a blessing and he would never do anything to hurt him.

Kirven described his day to day life as a stay at home father. He claims to have cleaned and cared for the kids on a daily basis while looking for a job.

When asked about bruises on the baby Kirven attributed it to family members who were a little too forceful when providing affection to the baby.

Kirven also noted that the older brother, a toddler was a little jealous of his brother. Kirven testified that he saw the older brother forcefully push a pacifier into the mouth of the baby and even bite his cheek.

That testimony was contradicted however by a CPS referral from a family physician. The physician saw the bites and attributed them to an adult, prompting him to write the referral.

The prosecution painted a much darker picture of the home life for the two children.   In one picture of baby Aydrian’s crib, there are several bottles visible. On one of the blankets in the crib, the prosecution pointed out that cigarette ashes were visible.  

In the area around the crib, ibuprofen was visible. In Kirven’s testimony, he said they gave the baby the medicine after noticing his face and head were swollen. He nor the baby’s mother scheduled a doctor’s appointment in response to the swelling. The baby would die, days laters.

Kirven again became emotional when describing the last time seeing his son alive. That day he says he fed Aydrian and began watching a movie. When he went to give him a bottle, he said he found the baby gasping for air.

He and an acquaintance rushed to a nearby doctor to get the baby some help. The doctor’s office called paramedics who rushed the baby to Hillcrest.

Kirven said he felt uneasy watching the medical professionals administer CPR to his son. He says he was worried they were applying too much force to the baby and could have hurt him.

Kirven said he doesn’t believe anyone would have purposely done anything to harm his son.

Friday morning the trial is set to reconvene, the jury may make a decision then.

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