Man poses as Temple Police officer at Walmart

Posted at 10:48 AM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 11:48:30-04

A man was arrested on Monday after posing as a Temple Police Officer at a Killeen Walmart the day before. 

According to Temple police, a Walmart employee called one of their sergeants and let them know a man came into the store on Lowe's Blvd. showing a badge from their department. 

The man said he needed to return a bow and arrow set worth $320 but did not have receipt so the employee told him he needed to provide a driver's license.

When the man explained he didn't have one on him, the worker said she couldn't give him a refund without I.D. 

He then gave her an expired Texas I.D. with the name Lairen Dale Hallmark. 

She checked the computer and noticed that Hallmark had a series of returns for cash on expensive items.

She told Hallmark that it is Walmart policy to not allow him to make any more cash returns without a receipt. 

He became upset and the employee said she felt like he was posing as an officer to intimidate her.

She immediately went to her supervisor who called police. 

Investigators told her the the badge did not belong to Hallmark and he was not a Temple police officer.

The next day Hallmark, 33, was arrested in Temple. He was taken to the bell county jail on a $10,000 bond and faces a 3rd degree felony charge.

The Temple police officer the badge belonged to still had his badge but the badge number had previously belonged to three other officers. 

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