NFL player gives back to Mexia

Posted at 11:45 AM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-15 20:44:31-04

A pro football player is giving back to his hometown just in time for the school year.

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Kelvin Beachum partnered with World Vision to bring a mobile Teacher Resource Center to Mexia, Beachum’s hometown. Teachers were able to go through the mobile unit on a free shopping spree, picking what supplies they needed.

"This is huge. I haven't had a chance to go and buy extra school supplies yet this year. And now I don't have to," Stephanie Ridley, a 2nd grade teacher for Mexia said. "It makes us feel appreciated. We can accomplish our task this year because we've got everything we need."

Seventy-seven teachers from Mexia and Coolidge ISD left with new school supplies, backpacks and other classroom necessities Monday morning. 

"This is above and beyond what they would normally start the year off with," Lisa Lauderdale, Principal at R.Q. Sims Intermediate School, said. "These are huge bags with all kinds of goodies. It's just a great kickoff [for the year]."

Teachers and administrators with Mexia ISD said Beachum has always been one to offer help where it's needed.

"This is nothing new to Kelvin Beachum to help those around them and he does have a big heart for our community here in Mexia," Lauderdale said. 

Beachum was at training camp in Jacksonville, so he could not be there to watch the teachers shop. He said he wants to give back to his hometown. 

"It's a blessing to continue to give back to the community and the hometown that made me who I am," Beachum said. "Everything for me started there, whether it was my education, my church bringing, my upbringing there, and my professional career. It all started there in Mexia, Texas."

"This is a community that gave to him. These teachers gave to him. And countless other kids that come through," Lauderdale said. "When you think about teachers, they do take these students into their hearts as their very own. I think this is Kelvin's way of giving back to that and also by the trickle down he's taking care of kids."

Beachum and World Vision also provided 600 backpacks filled with school supplies for junior high and high school students.

"Every time I have something of mine, a resource, money, funds, anything that i can give to Mexia, I try my best to give it back to Mexia," Beachum said.

According to a press release, World Vision and their Teacher Resource Centers target students and teachers across the United States with high poverty rates.

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