Texans pay more for car insurance than most Americans

Posted at 11:18 AM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2018-06-19 15:00:50-04

Texans are paying less for car insurance this year than they did last year. However, they’re still paying much more than most Americans.

The Zebra, an Austin-based company and the largest car insurance comparison marketplace in the U.S., released research Tuesday on car insurance rates.

Data show rates in Texas are 6.6 percent lower than they were last year, but are still more than 40 percent higher than they were five years ago. The company said Texas is the fifth most expensive state for car insurance because the average annual car insurance premium is $1,762. Research showed teens pay $6,268 on average annually, more than three times higher than adults.

The Zebra said Texans can save about $200 per year just by how they do business with their insurers like paying online, or a week in advance.

Meanwhile, national rates are at an all-time high, 3.3 percent higher than 2015 and 11 percent higher than 2011, according to The Zebra. Americans pay on average $1,323 for annual car insurance premiums.

Using pricing data from the past five years, The Zebra said it explored millions of car insurance premiums using all zip codes and providing state-by-state analysis.

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