Texas offers bug spray prescriptions for women on Medicaid

Posted at 10:13 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:38:05-05

In less than a week, a Texas program designed to help fight the Zika virus is starting. Some women who receive Texas medicaid can start getting free mosquito repellent.

Women who are 10-45, or pregnant, and receive health care assistance qualify for two the free bug spray. 

A prescription is required. Once a doctor has sent the script to the pharmacy, two cans of bug spray can be picked up each month.

The assistance is a move pharmacist Chris Boyd thinks is in the right direction.

"Call your doctor. get ‘em to send you a prescription," Boyd said. "I think it’s one step in several steps that will work toward the prevention of the Zika virus."

Although Boyd said he thinks offering free insect repellent is a good idea, he said he thinks focusing on a Zika vaccine should be the top priority. He said that's because the virus is a silent threat. 

"You really don’t know unless you get tested whether or not you have the Zika virus," he said.

But the pharmacist said that using bug spray is a good way to prevent contracting zika. And if used properly, the two cans some women can receive each month should be more than enough.

"As a preventative it’s best to use the spray," he said. "If you’re conservative and don’t waste it then it should last. two cans should last the month."

Women can start picking up the bug spray on Aug. 9, and the program will run until Oct. 31.

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