Couple robbed at gunpoint in Harker Heights home

Posted at 11:15 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 10:24:49-04

A couple was shaken-up after a group of men burst into their Harker Heights home Wednesday night.

The man and woman were the only two out of six roommates inside of their house on West Cherokee Drive.

They were in the living room watching a documentary when they heard someone outside.

"I heard a loud boom on the front door and I already knew it was took loud of a boom to be something not violent or malicious," the male resident said. He did not want his name used for safety concerns. "They were kicking it in and that's when they got the actual door open. That's when I saw they had all of their weapons up telling me get down don't move."

Five or six men with bandanas over their faces barged into the house. The resident motioned for his girlfriend to run. She hid behind the fridge but the intruders quickly found her.

They put the man and his girlfriend into separate rooms as they turned the house upside down looking for things of value.

"He was asking me about the money, If I had any guns," the man said. "I said no all while keeping my hands up of course. Then he brought me back to my brothers room which is part of the back of the house still at gunpoint."

The suspects were able to grab two X-Boxes, a computer, a cell phone and over $200 in cash. 

"They ransacked for another minute then the house went silent," the man's girlfriend said. "And I remember looking up at him after they left the room and saw half of his face covered in blood. So i realized that they had hit him."

He had been pistol whipped.

After the intruders left, the couple found one of their phones and called 911. 

The two said they just did what they were told and were glad they still had each other.

"Something in me just wanted to stay quiet and calm. just I could sense that they were gonna be in and out. and that told me in my head that everything is going to be ok. Let them do their thing. But it was definitely a relief seeing that he was ok."

A new steel door was installed Thursday afternoon. The residents said they will put a security system up in the near future.

The incident is under investigation and no arrests have been made.

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