Waco students excel in STAAR assessments

Waco students excel in STAAR assessments
Posted at 11:24 PM, Jul 21, 2016
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:38:04-05

The Waco Independent School District board met to review the results from the recently released S.T.A.A.R. test.

These test results are only the first of four score indexes. 

Even though standards were raised for the test this year, Waco students not only met the testing standards, they out-performed students statewide.

In the math assessment portion, Waco students increased their scores in 5 of 6 grades, while students statewide only bettered their scores in one grade.

In the writing assessment, Waco students in 4th and 7th grade swept kids across the state.

“It was not only the students learning but some of the teachers learning as well. But overall the district shows the numbers. Really proud of our students. And especially our teachers for the extra work they put in,” said Bruce Gietzen, Director of Communication for Waco ISD.

However, a difficult area for students across the state, including Waco, is reading. Both Waco and the state are tied with only two grade levels out of six getting higher scores.

Overall, Waco ISD’s passing rate with the new scores were higher in 12 of 17 assessments.

As for the entire state, passing rates only went up for six assessments

The district will get a better picture on how they are doing once the other score indexes are in.

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