Killeen Police hosted annual community forum meeting

Posted at 9:50 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 23:08:26-04

A recent increase in the amount of violent crimes was a part of the main focus at Killeen’s community forum meeting.

This annual meeting is held twice a year and today it was held at the Killeen Police Department Headquarters.

Some members of the community had a chance to talk with law enforcement concerning issues in their neighborhood. Others, asked questions and hoped to come up with a solution to help prevent violent crimes from happening.

Officers gave presentations on preventing crime, and the rest of the crowd had the opportunity to express concerns. Police confirmed that domestic violence is at the root of a lot of those violent crimes.

Some residents voiced their opinions and said they would like to see more officers patrolling the streets. Other residents say this forum was a step in the right direction but they would like to see this more often. 

Killeen resident Myaj Stewart said “They could have pin pointed facts a lot quicker because the community's here because they do want their questions answered, because a lot has happened".

“As far as what was accomplished I think there isn't enough time to necessarily address everybody's question but I do think that they did cover some good topics” said Jessica Solis.

More than 100 people that showed up, and some people had to leave the forum due to a lack of space.

The President of the Arrow Trailways of Texas Timothy Hancock, donated a 57-passenger bus, to transport some residents from the North-side of Killeen to the meeting.

Hancock said he supports the forums because it helps the community and law enforcement work together.

“It helps because it lets the police department know what the citizens concerns are, at the same time the citizens would learn what they need to do to help the police department” said Hancock.