Central Texas town uses Pokemon Go to boost tourism

Posted at 9:19 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-13 22:35:53-04

Pokemon are running wild, but in Hillsboro, it's a welcome phenomenon. 

Several buildings and businesses have become hot spots for Pokemon Go players.

In Hillsboro, Chris Moore, Main Street manager started to notice people congregating outside of city hall.

As Pokemon players started to pop up at the locations around town, Moore saw an opportunity with the game. 

“One of the slogans I created for Hillsboro Main Street last year was, ‘restoring the past building the future.’ So we've been trying to find ways to bridge that gap between the historical aspects of town and making it something we can use into the future,” Moore said.

That’s when Moore thought up the definitive guide to Pokemon.

Driving around with his wife and son, Moore listed every stop in Hillsboro. Not only did the guide list each place you could catch a creature or battle- it contained some interesting facts on each location.

Moore hopes that while the game will draw people to the city- they’ll stay for the charm.

"It's an opportunity for the folks coming downtown to play the game. They can go in and visit the restaurant enjoy a drink on a hot day or just enjoy a meal, make it a weekend thing," Moore said.

The guide can be downloaded here

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