Two youth groups help woman fix home

Two youth groups help woman fix home
Posted at 6:40 PM, Jul 04, 2016
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:30:17-04

On Monday, two church youth groups spent part of their Independence Day volunteering.

Nine members of Waco's Lakeshore Baptist Church and 22 members from an out-of-state youth group for Church of the Brethren helped a Waco woman fix her home in the 2900 block of 21st Street. 

Linda Olson, a member of Lakeshore Baptist Church for 10 years, said she can’t do it herself because of physical and financial challenges.

"I always wanted the house with the picket fence and the yard and I haven't been able to do that because financially, I can't afford it,” Olson said. "Physically, I had 80 percent of my back broken after a car accident so I've been unable to do very much.”

The groups painted her house and patio furniture. In addition, they raked the yard, edged the grass and moved heavier boxes.

"It means we're getting to be the church. Linda is part of our church and she's been through a lot so being able to help her and be family to her, it feels right and good. She’s a wonderful person.” Lakeshore Baptist Church Minister Kyndall Rothaus said.

Isabelle Murphy, one of the three members of the Youth Group of Lakeshore Baptist who volunteered her time.

"She's hoping if we help her painting and do work around the house, because she can't do everything, it will feel more like a home," Murphy said. "I'm happy that we're able to help her."

Olson was grateful for the groups helping her fix the home she has lived in for two years.

"It's a blessing. How many teenagers do you know that would give up a holiday to be painting some woman's house and raking their yard and sharpening their lawnmower and doing all of that,” Olson said.

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