SCOTUS strikes down Texas abortion ruling

Posted at 6:31 PM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 20:22:23-04

In a historic 5 to 3 decision, the United States Supreme Court struck down regulations that Texas tried to impose on abortion providers.

The laws required abortion clinics be more like hospitals, and that doctors have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

Reaction to the decision on capitol hill was quick and partisan. 

In Texas, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick wasn't happy.

Since the new law went into effect, half of all Texas abortion clinics have closed including a Planned Parenthood clinic in McLennan County, and a Women's health center in Killeen.

The pro-life, Hope Center for Women in Killeen posted their disappointment in a Facebook post. 

This former Planned Parenthood clinic in Waco served as many as 800 women a year before being shut down. 

Currently the places a woman can receive abortion services are Austin and Dallas.

Chief of External Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas released the following statement:

"Today's decision was a huge affirmation for Texas women and the right to seek safe, legal abortion. Our health centers doors remain open today across Central and North Texas providing preventive healthcare such as cervical cancer screenings and HIV tests and birth control including in Waco and providing safe, legal abortion in Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth. We are carefully evaluating whether we can expand access to healthcare services, including abortion in additional communities in Texas, but do not have specific updates at this time. While this ruling is an important victory for Texas women, significant barriers remain in place for women seeking safe, legal abortion and preventive healthcare services. In Waco, this includes the loss of critical Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening program funds blocked from Planned Parenthood by the Texas Legislature. Our commitment is to making healthcare as accessible as possible for Texas women in the communities we serve."

In the past pro-life groups protested outside abortion clinics but it's not clear if the clinics will return to the area. 

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