Temple ISD lends school bus to help travelers

Posted at 7:55 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 16:12:29-04

A group of people who got stranded in Central Texas when their bus caught fire has a local school district to thank for helping them out.

Those travelers who were bound for Mexico briefly had nowhere to go, but members in the Community quickly responded to the situation, by helping to bring those people to safety. 

After the bus caught fire Temple ISD lent a helping hand by donating a 76-passenger school bus, to help transfer those passengers and their luggage from the freeway. 

Assistant Superintendent at Temple ISD Dr. Scott Moger said, “The reason they lent out the bus so quickly is because there were 45 people off all ages that needed to get to safety”.

"We have a great partnership with the city of Temple, if there is a fire if there is an emergency, Temple police and Temple Fire are here to assist us, so we had an opportunity to return the favor."

All but two of the passengers were then taken to Cefco Shell truck-stop in Temple near I -35 and 363 loop. Melissa Woodruff was one of the cashiers on duty at the time she said when she heard about the accident, and saw all the people come to the gas station, she too was concerned for their well being.

"People started showing up here and there was a lot of them and they were sitting out by Wendy's in the heat and I was wondering why they weren't coming inside where it's cool getting something to eat. The next thing I know it was 10 o clock before another bus came to pick them up” said Woodruff.   

Officials say no one was seriously injured in this incident and thanks to first responders and community members working together, those passengers where able to safely continue towards their destination. 

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