Family recovering after heavy rains flood their home

Posted at 8:23 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 21:25:33-04

Heavy rains Sunday night caused major problems across Central Texas.

In Mexia, where four to five inches fell in about an hour and a half, one family was trying to salvage most of their things.

Maria Banda said in the 18 years she has lived in Mexia, she has never seen flooding so bad. She walked into her living room early Monday morning and saw water rushing in.

"The water is fast coming inside my house. The only thing I can do is wake up, go to my kid's room and pick them up and go outside," Banda said.

Banda and Evelyn Aguilar got out of the house as fast as they could-- but the water was rising quick.

"When we outside the house, the water is like over my hips," said Banda.

Banda and Aguilar left the house, but had to return to save their dogs. They found the dogs trying to keep their heads above water. They were able to rescue the dogs and bring them to safety.

The water receded Monday morning, but for Banda and Aguilar,  the clean up process had just begun. When they returned to the house after the rain stopped Monday morning, water was everywhere. Banda found water inside her pots and pans inside the cabinets.

Banda said a lot of her things are destroyed, including most of her shoes and clothes.

"We don't have shoes, we don't have clothes. The mattress was wet; the carpet is wet," Banda said.

Aguilar said her high school diploma and her wedding dress were ruined.

"The water that was coming in was coming in with mud and animals and everything," said Aguilar.

Banda said she is hoping for assistance from FEMA or the city, but she has not heard back.

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