Waco Islamic Center responds to Orlando mass shooting

Posted at 11:40 PM, Jun 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 08:26:31-04

The President of the Waco Islamic center Al Siddiq was a guest at a vigil that took place in the Heritage Square on Sunday evening.

The Waco poets in the community held that vigil in honor of supporting the LGBT community, while holding a moment of silence in remembrance of those victims who lost their lives in Orlando.

Siddiq said the Waco Islamic center also had a special moment of silence this evening during their Ramadan service to remember those victims killed.

He says in order to stop these reoccurring mass shootings from happening, he believes everyone should stand together and spread love, instead of targeting any certain groups of people.

"We need to identify the real enemy, who is the real enemy?  By marginalizing one group of people and phobias, Islamic phobia, homophobia, we need to identify the real enemy. We need to stand in solidarity and not marginalize any group of people, and don't spread hate" said Siddiq.

He also says the entire Islamic community in Waco, will continue to pray for all of the victims and their families affected by this horrible tragedy.