Day 5 in the Little River Academy Capital Murder Trial

Posted at 7:20 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 20:21:08-04

Attorneys for the man who killed a local police chief are making their case in hopes of saving him from the death chamber.

David Risner was convicted Monday of capital murder, in the death of Little River Academy Police Chief Lee Dixon. It happened two year ago in June of 2014.

Today defense attorney’s called 10 witnesses to the stand, in efforts to convince the jury to grant Risner life in prison without parole, instead of the death penalty. Most of the character witnesses included family, friends or people who worked with Risner in Law Enforcement. They painted a positive picture of Risner as a church-going family man and peace officer.

A neuroscientist who'd done an evaluation on Risner said he believes he suffers from PTSD with an abnormally exaggerated fear response.

Prosecutors on the other hand argued by saying millions live with this disorder and Risner was already being treated for PTSD. Therefore suffering from PTSD is no excuse for him shooting a man in the face. In fact, one doctor treating Risner before the incident said he should not be around fire arms and it could be very dangerous considering his condition.

Prosecuting attorney's believe since Risner committed the crime of Capital murder he should receive Capital punishment.

Court is now in recess and will resume Thursday morning at 8:30.

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