A Waco defendant is both guilty and missing

Posted at 7:16 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 20:57:02-04

Officials are searching for  a man convicted of sexual abuse after he skipped out on trial.

Wednesday, the second day of testimony began in the state’s case against Aurelio Ibarra. When the trial started, the defendant was noticeably absent from the 54th district court.

A warrant was issued for his arrest and officials say a new bond was set at one million dollars.

Ibarra’s absence did nothing to deter court proceedings. The victim took the stand, recalling the incidents of abuse she faced for several years.

In closing arguments, the defense gave little mention to Ibarra’s absence. They did, however, argue that the testimony from police investigators and the victim- displayed an inconsistency in the story.

The prosecution’s closing argument told jurors, “consider [Ibarra’s] flight from these proceedings his evidence of guilt.”

It took the jury less than two hours to return the verdict. Ibarra was found guilty on one count of continuous sexual abuse and one count of indecency with a child.

Thursday morning the jury is set to start the sentencing phase. Ibarra cannot formally be sentenced until he is physically in custody. Officials say Ibarra has ties to Mexico and don’t know how if that will hinder efforts in finding him.

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