Waco man to be sentenced for sexual abuse of child

Posted at 8:58 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 22:15:43-04

A Waco man was found guilty on two counts of sexual abuse against a child.

David Navarro, is could face up to life in prison after jurors returned a verdict of guilty, on one count of indecency with a child and one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child.  He now faces between 25 years and a life in prison without parole.

A jury heard testimony over a series of two days in the 19th district courtroom.  The female victim took the stand Wednesday. Delivering an emotional testimony she recounted some of the incidents where she was assaulted over a period of a year and a half.

In cross-examination, the victim recalled several incidents where she witnessed Navarro become violent with a family member. In one incident she said she witnessed Navarro place and AK-47 to someone’s head during a dispute.

Prosecutors say the abuse happened for about a year and a half, beginning in June of 2012 and ending August of 2013. During the time, the victim was less than 10 years old.

As the verdict was read the victim, surrounded by family, cried and embraced her mother. Navarro’s family wept as his bond was revoked and he was taken into the state’s custody.

A jury will reconvene tomorrow, for the punishment phase. The minimum punishment he can receive is 25 years in prison.

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