Bell County officials plan to fight AG's ruling on open carry signs

Posted at 4:39 PM, May 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-09 19:00:04-04

On Monday Bell County commissioners announced they will fight the attorney general's recent order to remove signs banning guns.

Bell County Judge Jon H. Burrows said the county will send a letter with detailed information on why the gun restrictions at the justice center are not in violation of Texas Law.

You can read the full letter here.

On April 29, Attorney General Ken Paxton's  office sent a letter to Burrows notifying the county that a complaint was filed and signs at the entrance of the Bell County Justice Center were against Texas law.

The letter further states that the Justice Center is considered a multi-purpose building because it houses other officers other than courts.

The county was given 15 days to remove the signs and could face a penalty up to $10,500 if they aren't. The county was also given 15 days to send an appeal letter listing the reasons why the signs don't violate Texas Law.

Burrows said the county will also invite the Attorney General's office to tour the justice center to show that the building is a courthouse with 11 courtrooms and is not a multi-purpose building. 

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