Robinson families have mixed reactions after report of suspicious man at game

Robinson families have mixed reactions after report of suspicious man at game
Posted at 11:19 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2018-07-24 21:30:07-04

Robinson families had mixed reactions regarding a report of a suspicious man at the Youngblood Park on Tuesday night.

The Robinson Little League advised parents to know the whereabouts of their children at all times while they attend games after a man was behind Jones field interacting with children on Tuesday.

"He was asking kids how old they were what team they played on, being kind of suspicious. One of the parents approached him and said that's not good what you're doing and you shouldn't be doing that. As soon as she said that, from our understanding he got in his vehicle and left,” Terry said.

Robinson police said no crime had occurred but did recommend parents to be vigilant when they visit locations, such as this baseball park. 

According to Lacy Lakeview Police, a similar incident happened at the Little League in that city. A man reportedly asked a girl how old she was and who she was playing for. Authorities said the man didn't do anything criminal and they are not sure it involves the same person seen Tuesday.

Most of the families News Channel 25 spoke with at the Little League games on Wednesday expressed concern over the incident.

"I was really shocked,” Diaz said about the incident. “Not something that you would expect in Robinson. Something that isn't very common, I would say. Due to this situation, I would say a lot of people are more cautious and more on the lookout.” said Jeremy Diaz who has a sister in the Softball Little League team.

On Wednesday while she was playing a game, Diaz said his family was taking additional precautions, such as keeping an eye out for the kids and making sure they don't go to any uncommon places.

Ryan McWorther said he already keeps a close eye on his child and tells him not to interact with strangers. Therefore, he doesn't plan to do anything differently after learning about this incident. 

"I don't understand what this man did wrong his age and what team he played on. I don't live in fear. I played out here when I was a kid. I don't live in fear then. I'm not going to live in fear now," McWorther said. 

Robinson Little League was patrolling the area on foot and on a golf cart. Robinson Police also kept an eye out at the baseball fields, and children were kept from playing in dark areas or behind the baseball fields.

"This is a safe place to come and we're not going to have any trouble here, if we can prevent it,” Terry said.

Terry said on Wednesday they did not see any suspicious activity and everything went smoothly. However, the Robinson Little League plans to keep taking additional safety measures until the end of the season.

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