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School fails to inform father of threat against daughter

Posted at 10:58 PM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2020-12-01 12:18:58-05

A Waco ISD parent is upset tonight saying school administrators left him out of the loop.

Michael Mitchell got a call from a detective with the Waco ISD Police Thursday. He was shocked, his ten year old daughter Kiyah is usually an ideal student, bursting with energy. She just started the fourth grade at Dean Highland Elementary school in September.

Mitchell said he began to panic and get nervous when detectives told him another student brought a gun to school.

“The detective said that it was Wednesday when it happened and I was like what happened?  I was like what do you mean, what happened? She was like a little boy brought a gun to school and told your daughter he was going to kill her.” Mitchell said.

It was the first time he heard there was any incident involving his daughter.  Mitchell suspects that his daughter was scared to tell him about the episode fearing she would get in trouble. When he asks Kiyah about what happened she freezes up and doesn’t want to talk about it.

One of the reasons Mitchell is upset is because the school administration never contacted him. Mitchell said the principal told him she thought the situation was being handled. Mitchell said officers interviewed his daughter and started the investigation all before even telling him about the situation.

We reached out to Dean Highland Elementary Administrators for comment on their procedures, they declined to answer any information on their process at the school. Instead administrators referred us to Waco ISD Police who are handling the investigation. They acknowledge that they called the father two days after the initial incident when they became aware of the details.

According to Chief of Waco ISD Police Department, Ken Boatman, they were first called to investigate a found property call from the school.

“The property ended up being an inoperable broken toy BB gun that shoots rubber pellets. Keep in mind that by itself is not a violation of the law. What we would have to do is look into if there is anything else behind that mere possession of that toy gun.” Boatman said.

It was after police started talking to students they realized more may have taken place and interviewed Mitchell’s daughter.

“It was then we determined an investigation was going to have to take place.” Boatman said.

Mitchell said he hopes the situation encourages other parents to remain vigilant.

“Parents need to know to be involved with their students you never know what's going on at the school  and they are not going to tell you everything.” Mitchell said. 

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