Lake Mexia flood victims may be eligible for aid

Posted at 3:43 PM, Apr 07, 2016
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Diana Pruitt has lived in her home along Lake Mexia for 10 years. She feeds her ducks and hauls buckets of water to upkeep the flowers in her garden. After last month’s flooding, her dream home became a nightmare.

March brought historic rain to Lake Mexia. The 4-6 inches of rain caused the lake to rise flooding several homes and causing significant damage.

In just a matter of minutes, Pruitt’s home along the lake was flooded. The water poured in under her door and within a couple hours receded. The water was gone but the damage was done. Pruitt recalled the devastating effects the flood had on her home pointing to her damaged fireplace.

"Water pours in [the fireplace] and it's caused a massive roof leak. My husband went up there and tarped to keep the water out, I don't need any more water coming in. We're struggling now with black mold." Pruitt said.

Relief for Lake Mexia flood victims like Pruitt may be on the way. According to Limestone County officials homeowners may qualify for Federal resources to aid in rebuilding.

Limestone County Emergency Management has been working to make sure residents are aware of some of the help available to them. Some residents may be eligible for a House Elevation Grant.

“We are helping them with a house elevating grant and this [FEMA] grant will help. This is a totally separate possibility for them and many are going to apply for both and hopefully be successful.” Matt Groveton, Limestone Emergency Coordinator, said.

Limestone along with nine other counties in Texas have been added to review for a presidential declaration of disaster. With that declaration, residents are opened up to eligibility for federal funds.

While Groveton said the post-flooding rebuild is extremely difficult he is encouraged by the response from FEMA officials so far.

“Everyone thinks it’s going to be a really long process we put the information to file on our Facebook page and some individuals registered and got a call back in two hours to schedule their inspection appointments.” Groveton said.

Disaster Survivor Assistant Crew leader, Redora Stillwagon, from FEMA visited the Mexia area, canvassing affected homes making it easier to file claims.

“We are in the area going door to speaking with people and we have the capability on our iPads to register people when we are there speaking with you.” Stillwagon said.

Residents who need to file have several options. Those affected by the flooding from March’s severe weather in Limestone County can sign up for FEMA Assistance by calling 1-800-621-3362 or online at

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