Police: Suspects threaten disabled man, make him withdraw $2K from bank

Posted: 1:31 PM, Mar 28, 2016
Updated: 2016-03-28 18:35:35Z
Police: Suspects threaten disabled man, make him withdraw $2K from bank

Police are searching for two suspects after they say the men made a disabled man withdraw $2,000 from his bank account.

Around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, police said two black-males convinced the 63-year-old victim to withdraw the money from his bank in the Waco area.

Police believe the two suspects may initially have been attempting to conduct a “pigeon drop” type scam on the victim.

The 63-year-old disabled man from Waco was approached by a black male at the McDonalds at 906 S. 6th.

The suspect asked the victim for a ride to Popeye’s Chicken in Bellmead, he agreed.

Once at the Popeye's, they met with the second suspect.

Police said both suspects got into the victims truck and left under the pretense of getting the victim gas at a Shell station. At the gas station, the victim said the suspects only had $100 bills and no change.

The victim told police that the suspects threaten him and made him drive to his bank in West Waco and withdraw $2,000 from his account.

The victim was unable to tell officers why he didn’t alert the teller when he was inside by himself.

Police say it is possible the suspects scammed the victim into giving them the money.

The suspects are described as clean cut, wearing business dress and spoke with an African accent.

Anyone knowing the identities of the suspects are asked to contact the Waco Police Dept.

Police caution citizens about giving rides to strangers or falling for scams such as giving any amount of money to someone in a promise for a return of larger amounts.

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