Couple in Washington state finds baby in dumpster

Posted at 9:19 AM, Mar 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-26 10:19:08-04

Police in Everett, Washington are investigating after a couple found a newborn baby boy in a dumpster on Friday night.

The pair called 911 after walking by the Mirabella Apartments, in the 800 block of 112th street, and hearing cries coming from the trash heap.

Shortly after, the woman, named Paula, climbed inside and began digging through the garbage.

According to her boyfriend, Jeff Meyers, the dumpster is actually a large compactor that crushes garbage. Both agree that it’s a miracle the child is alive.

“She jumped in, in her dress, into the compactor and pulled out maybe 20 bags of garbage,” Meyers said, “About two and a half feet down, and we're all thinking, ‘Boy I really hope this is just, you know, she was saying, almost in tears, I hope this is just a toy, I hope this is just a toy’ and then [I heard] a sound that I’ve never heard out of Paula in my life saying ‘Oh my god, it's a real baby.’"

Everett police officers rushed the baby boy to Providence Regional Medical Center for treatment, but there's still no word on the child's condition.

Police are now searching for the child’s mother.

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