Mouse feces and urine found on local school breakfast packaging

Posted at 6:44 PM, Mar 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-18 21:09:41-04

Some local parents are outraged after a letter they received last Friday said their children may have been exposed to mouse droppings on their food packaging.

On Friday, March 11, parents with children at Head Start in Mexia were sent home with a letter that said their child "may have been exposed to mouse feces and urine on breakfast packaging from Mexia ISD."

Parents said they called to find out what happened, but didn't get many answers.

"When I spoke with somebody, they didn't seem like they were concerned. [Mice] carry call kinds of diseases so it just brought up a red flag and people don't seem like they are concerned. I'm worried about my child going to school here," said Brandy Raven, a Head Start parent.

Head Start said Mexia ISD provides food for the program and confirmed they sent the letter to parents last Friday.

News Channel 25 also reached out to Mexia ISD for comment. Mexia ISD Superintendent Dr. Sharon Ross said late Friday she was made aware of the situation by the liaison between the district and Head Start. The liaison received a call about the issue from Head Start.

The Food Nutrition Director, Director of Maintenance, Custodians and Transportation with Mexia ISD were directed to investigate the situation. Mexia ISD contacted pest control as well.

Dr. Ross in an email said:

"This is the first time I have ever been made aware of such a problem as this in partnering with Head Start and I sincerely hope the measures put in place will prevent it from ever happening again. It is our intent to serve and deliver the best and this is certainly not our best. The boxes should have been noticed before delivery.  I deeply regret this happened and I apologize to the families of children attending Head Start that it even occurred."

Many parents who received the letter told News Channel 25 they will not allow their children to go back to school on Monday. Some parents said they were not informed of the problem until a week after it happened.

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