Bond hearings for bikers may be expedited

Posted at 11:25 PM, Jun 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-10 00:25:00-04

As of Tuesday, nearly 100 bikers arrested after the Twin Peaks shooting have been released from the McLennan County Jail more than three weeks after the shooting occurred.

More than 70 others are currently waiting for their bond to possibly be reduced from a $1 million.

The presiding judge from our district, who is from Georgetown, met with district judges Matt Johnson and Ralph Strother on Tuesday about ways to speed up the bond hearing process.

Another visiting judge will be handling 14 more bond reduction hearings this Friday while Strother is in the middle of a jury trial.

Third Administrative Judicial District Judge Bill Stubblefield said he has never seen a case of this magnitude in his 22 years on the bench and in his more than five years as presiding judge.

“The numbers, the fact that there are only two judges that hear felonies of this level on a routine basis and the belief they needed some help,” said Stubblefield.

Last week, an Austin and a Waco lawyer filed a petition with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to order Stubblefield to assign more judges for the hearings.

Stubblefield said he has not been served with the order. In addition, he said he requested this meeting before hearing about the petition. Stubblefield said he is also finalizing the details on a way to expedite that process, which required some thinking outside the box.

However, he will not release the details until everyone involved has been contacted.

Judge Johnson declined to comment, deferring to Stubblefield, who would speak on behalf of the group.