Lawyers petition court to intervene in bikers release

Posted: 11:46 PM, Jun 04, 2015
Updated: 2015-06-05 17:53:00Z
Lawyers petition court to intervene in bikers release

Two lawyers filed a petition asking for a faster release process for bikers who remain in jail after the Twin Peaks shooting.

As of Thursday night, at least 124 bikers remained at the McLennan County Jail, some still with $1 million bonds.

Austin lawyer Keith Hampton and Waco lawyer Walter Reaves Jr. filed a petition with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals for the court to order the presiding judge of the third administrative of this judicial district to assign more judges from the 26 counties in the district to conduct bond hearings promptly.

Hampton, who does not represent any of the arrested bikers, said the action was filed to ensure prompt and efficient administration of justice be conducted without delay.

The petition states: “This situation should be regarded as intolerable and a remedy ought to issue speedily. This petition is filed out of frustration with the glacial response to this unusual event and the failure of the judiciary to meet its fundamental duty of administrating justice promptly, efficiently and fairly.”

Hampton said the appointed judges would have the final determination on who should be released and who should remain confined.