Local man gets probation for exchanging nude photos with girl

Posted at 11:28 AM, Jun 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-02 12:47:47-04

A Waco man has received deferred adjudication probation after police say he exchanged nude pictures with a young girl.

Joshua Craig Cornish was originally charged with online solicitation of a minor for a referral made by CPS in November 2012, but the charge was refiled as improper photography when he was indicted.

Cornish received five years deferred adjudication probation and a $500 fine for the improper photography charge.

Waco PD began investigating this case in 2012 after a referral from CPS. The case involved a girl who was staying with a foster family.

The foster mom had misplaced her iPod and found that the foster child had it. When the foster mom checked it, she found nude pictures of the girl and nude pictures of a man on the iPod.

The pictures of the girl had been sent to at least one man.

Investigators determined that Cornish was the man exchanging photos with the girl and obtained a warrant for his arrest. Cornish was picked up by DPS Troopers and booked into McLennan County Jail.